Air Nailing Art to a Trailer, Part One

Usually when I pull something like this - something that is very much my norm rather than the rare occurrence - my better half is not around to witness it. Tonight, though, I made sure to do something stupid while he watched. I'm so proud of me. My original intent was for this to be … Continue reading Air Nailing Art to a Trailer, Part One


Epic Cake Pop Fail

#PinterestFail Have you ever heard science say "oil and water do not mix?" Stick with me... We have a costume party tomorrow night and I'm supposed to come with Halloween-themed food. I'm on Pinterest. Quite frequently, actually, mostly for inappropriate quotes that go for the snort. I kept seeing cake pop photos show in my … Continue reading Epic Cake Pop Fail

The Bench – A Completed Dream

The bench is finally complete and I'm in love! Following my previous posts on its process, the board and batten wall went very fast and without much drama. Here's a pictorial sequence of events: And the end result? Entryway bench perfection!