Mom’s Health Comes Last

I’ve fought plantar fasciitis for almost three years already. Many times in the last 34 months I have considered how to clean up after me taking a hack saw to my ankles to get rid of the pain in my feet. Really, at certain times I’ve convinced myself the pain of whacking off both feet would be less than continuous, 24-hour pain.

Okay, to give myself some credit, I have been to foot doctors. I’ve been to three in fact. First foot doc I saw took x-rays, told me I didn’t have bunions, then took a 3-week vacation before he told me what I can do to help my pain. NEXT.

Next foot doctor said he had no clue what was going on, recognized I had pain, then sent me to a neurologist to zap my legs because of a suspected nerve issue. The neurologist, while most likely utterly confused and deeply amused at his new calling, zapped both legs from knee down (a most unpleasant and annoying process I may add), and declared plantar fasciitis. NEXT.

So here’s where that whole “mommy’s issues get pushed to the back burner” thing comes up. I have a title to my ailment, two foot doctors and a neurologist who really don’t want to see me again, and a deep frustration inside me that said, ‘forget it. On with life. I don’t have time for this.’

I have 2 young kids. One has special needs that has brought hours and hours of research, doctor visits, experiments with diet, medications, and therapies. One has an attitude. I love my kids and will do absolutely anything to get them what they need. Unfortunately, those needs and tests and doctors and research always took away any free time I had to find a new foot doctor. Oh well. I chose this. Deal with it…

Two years later, I had to stop all physical activity. Buying groceries for the week puts me on my rear for the rest of the evening since my feet hurt so bad I couldn’t fathom the idea of walking anymore. I was a college athlete, a good one in fact. Me stop being active? My coaches wouldn’t believe it if they saw me now.

A close coworker of mine always has beautiful words of wisdom and doesn’t beat around the bush when we talk. She is genuine, sees beauty in everything, and has an outlook on life that wakes me up and makes me want to be better each and every day. She keeps telling me I can’t put my health issues on the back burner for my kids, otherwise my health issues will take me away from being able to be there for my kids.

Why didn’t I listen to her?

Today I’m contemplating when I should call my newest (and sympathetic and responsive and aggressive) foot doctor to schedule surgery. I let it go long enough that now he’s gotta hack up my feet.

If you’re reading this and wondering how a person gets plantar fasciitis, two words. Listen carefully. Are you paying attention? BAD SHOES. That’s all it took for me. Day after day of wearing dress shoes that had no support. If there is anything you should take the time to research and spend a little more money on, it’s your feet. When your feet hurt, your life hurts. Do yourself a favor and find good shoes.

These are the brands I’ve been told are good for plantar fasciitis:

My guess is my foot doc’s hack saw will be a little more sanitary. I’ll give him that benefit of the doubt.