What Age is Grown Up?

Picture it. It’s a rainy Saturday morning. I’m ready to pop because the living room has Legos spewed across the entire living room, the carpet in the kids’ rooms is barely visible, and there is toothpaste in places in the bathroom I never thought was possible. All I want to do is get the children out the door to buy a birthday gift.

*pop* So quickly and easily I am pulled out of my approaching-crabby state because around the corner from the scattered Lego room is my husband slamming one of those balloon things on a string that are designed to do exactly what he’s doing. The child is giggling uncontrollably. The adult continues to whack the balloon on his head.

There is no longer an adult in the house, but that’s okay. Rainy Saturday mornings are meant to be filled with balloons on strings, giggling children, and building blocks in the living room.