Price Tag Adhesive

I still try to figure out why certain unimportant objects trigger something I want to blog. But here I am beginning a blog on price tag adhesive.

Per previous blog postings, you know our household is gluten free. All baking (the three times I’ve done it the past 12 months mind you) has been done with GF flour so naturally the shiny blue canister received as a wedding gift sat full of wheat flour unused.

Something possessed me to finally clean out that canister tonight. Enjoy the gluten, dear raccoon friends in the back yard. No guarantees on its freshness. What was peculiar to me is the price tag on the under side of that canister was still stuck to the bottom of that canister. It was a gift 12.5 years ago and still sticky!

So I pointed this out to my husband of 12.5 years. He laughs. We have a chuckle jokingly about how completely NOT surprising and how sticky our relationship is after all these years yet we haven’t outdone the price tag on that flour canister.

So how is it that we can compare ourselves to price tag adhesive? Especially since we’ve had 12.5 [married] years of LIFE thrown at us?

  • Each day ends with “I love you.” No matter how hard we’re fighting.
  • Each morning begins with a squeeze. Cheeks optional (you pick).
  • Laughter can ease virtually any moment.
  • Date nights are a must!
  • If life throws lemons directly into the face of reality, squeeze every last drop out.
  • Discover a tv show to watch together. Snuggle.
  • Allow offspring to witness kissing and hugging.
  • Major decisions are done only after much thought and much discussing.

Hey there, Sweetcheeks. I’m stuck on you.