Concussions Are Serious Business

Just ask Justin Morneau.

The other day Mini Me fell at the playground. Ms DareDevil herself was upside down on the monkey bars and ended up landing on her head four feet below where she started. Ice, love, cuddle time, OTC meds, and definitely no napping that day, ER the next day.

Did you know the medical community takes concussions very seriously? First thing they did was slap this on her.

It’s funny. This link at Mayo doesn’t say anything about monkey bars. Kids having fun. Ah.

So we’re in recovery mode now, keeping Mini Me away from any monkey business, no water skiing, no bike rides. She’s feeling better each day, but still sore. Thank goodness she’s not wearing that accessory anymore (although we did inquire as to whether they had a pink version).

Doctor’s orders were to keep her from doing anything from hitting her head again. So what does she do? Falls off a stool with an armload of books.

The best part of all this is today, four days after her fall, I can’t move my head. We’re talking the pain in neck where all you can do is move your shoulders pain.

Sympathy pain?