Time Capsule

Offspring #1 has an end-of-year project that involves a considerable amount of work for mom. Offspring #1 has no interest in this type of thing – or anything that doesn’t involve Legos, paper airplanes, Legos, or well frankly… Legos. Guess who gets to figure out what to fill a metal can with for some odd years later when graduation hits?

I’m thinking about putting some Legos in it. Will he notice those missing pieces or do I have to go buy a small set to stick in there (you know the ones : they’re placed at eye-level in the checkout lane so each and every time you run in for milk, eggs, and carrots the kid asks if he can have one)?

In addition to the ten things Son (aka Mom) must pick out for this metal can, I was requested to write a letter to Son from Mom for when he graduates. I devoted time during this busy week to write a letter and here I am writing a blog about it instead.

And another thing. Where do I find a metal can big enough to stick all this stuff in? Does it need to be airtight? Will it be buried so bugs will eat my letter? Do I take a preemptive strike and have Son get a tetanus shot prior to graduation? Does this mean I need to drink cheap coffee for a while?

All these things a mother worries about.

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