Mother-Daughter Dance Class, Day 4 – The Boob Bump

I’m improving. Coach says.

Actually, no, it’s just that daughter is learning to get out of the way. I only stepped on her teeny little pinky toe once last night. She said it didn’t hurt…

That other mom, the one in front of me…she can sway her hips when we do that step-turn-pivot-something. When I do it I feel like something straight out of “Napoleon Dynamite.”

We added some parts last night, some parts that require me to 1) hold a beat; 2) do something with my arms; and 3) walk closer to daughter by the time we get back to “1”. We have mirrors, it’s not like I’m not forced to watch my flailing. Yet still on “5-6-7-8” I marched right over to her, arms opposite everyone else in the room, bumped her with my boobs and she went flying.

I got the giggles and we lost count. I honestly don’t know if she hit the deck because I was doubled over laughing too hard and hoping I didn’t also let one rip. Now THAT would be awkward.