It was February



Wednesday afternoon, by me.

11:50 – leave work to go pick up medication prescribed but not picked up from previous trip to the doctor to deliver to asthmatic hacking at school.
12:07 – Blow tire on exit ramp close to home.
12:08 – Message to the trucker behind me honking and waving: “Yes. Yes I know. Bite me.” Continue my quest to make it home.
12:15 – Spare is out, flat is smoking, tools are missing.
12:17 – Swear a lot. Drugs must be in child’s system by 12:30 for the 1:30 doctor appointment.
12:30 – Hook the hookup bike (the third wheel thing) to my bike. Start biking on trail to elementary school.
12:36 – Hit ice. See kids. Fall down. Sliiiiiiiide.
12:40 – Arrive at nurse’s office forgetting that I grabbed son’s jesper hat for warmth.
12:45 – Hop on bike with confused kid on back. Bike to doctor.
1:00 – Doctor asks if a r-e-w-a-r-d is appropriate to bring up for surviving the appointment (it involved a needle). I calmly explained I will not be biking more than I have to.
1:25 – Bike child back to school.

Top that.

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