He’s gone so I can clean out son’s room. Here’s what I’ve found in just two shelves:

3 AA batteries
13 paper airplanes
A piece from a mini flashlight
Half a pen (little concerned)
A broken yo-yo
Dried-out Chapstick (shoulda done this a while ago)
The outside cutout of a cardboard game piece from a kids’ meal
The kids’ meal bag…huh…no cardboard game piece
Is that a screw??
A marble
3 pencils sharpened to within 3 inches of their life
14 broken crayons
More Legos
Half a ream of white paper
Hey – that’s my good pen
3 books
A princess sticker book (obviously misplaced)
A Homer Hanky
2 baseball hats, neither are worn
2 spelling tests
A laminated “Twenty Years from Now I’ll Be A…”
A race car
7 markers
1 photo album from summer 2008
3 badmitton balls (where. in. the. world?)
1 bouncy ball
One half of a Silly Putty container
Darth Vader mask from Halloween, 2009

I think this is motivation to address this situation much more frequently than I have.

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