Momming Wins

I originally wrote this in 2010. All these point still ring true today.

Why I love being a mom. A list.

It helps me appreciate what my mom went through.

I am beginning to understand genetics…(see above).

Homemade Mother’s Day gifts purposefully created in orange because that’s my favorite color and my offspring know that.

Bad singing in the bathtub (not me, the daughter).

Good singing in the bedroom (not me, the son).

Hugs when I need them.

Hugs when I don’t.

Calling from one room to the other, “I love you!”

Showing off pictures of the royal cuteness.

Taking the proverbial step back and seeing my life from that perspective.

Being able to laugh it off when I look back at exactly what has gone on in our lives.

Three nights a week devoted to kids’ activities. Otherwise, you’d be seeing more from me on FB because I’d have more time to surf.

Cuddle time at bedtime.

My son wearing my high school softball number for his baseball season.

A reason for having 12,991 photos in my personal library.

Kids really give me a chance to tell a funny story (Parmesan cheese, hoobs, biking in February, tutus+x-rays, more discussions on hoobs).

Family friends we’ve found through our kids (you know who you are) and have become inseparable with (from??) in the years we’ve been together.

A chance to watch my parents as grandparents.

A chance to watch my beautiful husband as a dad.

A chance to meet some of the most decorated physicians and specialists in the metro area. A chance to have most of their phone numbers memorized (key note: I can’t remember our bank pin number established 12.5 years ago, but I know the number to call to refill “slow your engine” tablets).

A viable and perfectly understandable reason to drink wine more than I should.

Meeting the most incredible, intelligent, and inspiring teachers.

Getting distracted from the pain and suffering of attempting to purchase clothing for myself by walking past the section of Royal Short People clothing.

Having a purpose in life and being passionate about it (autism awareness).

Meeting some of the most amazing people who share that passion.

Having an already-committed future son-in-law and being okay with it because frankly it’s so darn cute and she’s still only 5 and he’s got good family.

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