Entryway Update

We live in a 1980s house. The typical two-story, traditional, neighborhood box house and we love it. I have yet to find blogs or Pinterest inspiration on updated to our kind of house so it’s my duty and obligation to help all of us. You’re welcome.

Our entry is run of the mill. Front door enters straight into the front closet. Stairs to the left, living room to the right. When friends are leaving for the evening we all stand on top of each other while the closet laughs at us and takes up space.

2017-01-19 16.39.10.jpg

I am not considered equal-opportunity if you are a waste of space and the closet became a goner. The rest is, as we say, history. I emptied the closet months ago to see if anyone would notice it was unused. When no one asked for the hats and mittens from preschool era or wanted to know what happened to my high school letter jacket I knew we could give the kids a hammer and drop a tarp.

Once everything was knocked out and swept a bazillion times we were ready for reconstruction. We decided to knock out the ceiling inside the wall holes and add a full piece of sheetrock instead of trying to piece in the 5-inch strips. Things went way faster once we made that decision.

We only had that skinny strip of sheet rocking mudding to do but it’s amazing how easy it is to really mess up. Since I employ the “good enough” mantra it’s … well… good enough.

We had a nice definitive area for the entry so I was able to repaint the ceiling so everything matched. It’s amazing how much brighter the entry became once that was done.

I painted the walls to match the rest of the house and then we moved onto the floor.

But it didn’t end there. After the floor I painted the doors and trim. Then it was the railing. I’m not done but I’m taking a break. It’s amazing how much our house got updated just by taking out a waste of space. I smile every time I walk past the new entry.

The plans are in the works for an entry bench and hooks. For now, my perennials are calling me and the bench waits.

2017-04-17 08.33.06

Walls are BehrBrown Teepee” satin.

Trim is Behr “High Hide White” which you won’t find on a card and some employees won’t know what that is, but it’s in the Home Depot system. A Behr rep told me about it as being a much better route than just a can of untinted white off the shelf.

What do you think?