Painted Flower Pots Craft

Darling daughter’s birthday was last week and we needed an easy craft to add to the evening’s festivities. This was super easy and the girls loved it!

We cut up a box as our drop cloth and said a little prayer to the flooring gods they didn’t drip craft paint on the new floor. They are tweens now, you’d think we were safe.

Each kid got a 5-inch pot. The fact that nine terra cotta pots made it from store shelf to birthday party is to be noted as I’m not known to be graceful.

I grabbed my box of old craft paints and got a few ‘in bulk’ sizes of key girl colors and basically said go.

There was a TON of excess paint used. Be ready for that.

Once we grabbed some toothpicks the artists kept going. And 12 hours later it was still a gelatinous mess. We even had a fan on high overnight on these puppies.

Two girls pulled the store sticker off that covered the drain hole. I cut some cardstock to cover them. It didn’t work but those two girls created something even more amazing than the pots:

Fun huh? No amateur could ever go where these two blobs went.