So Be It: The Dismantling of the Innocent Recreational Dance Audience…and Grandma

The chances of me ever being invited back to sit in the audience at a recreational dance recital is slim. Of course, this isn’t the official word from my daughter’s dance studio but based on how darling daughter reacted I’m certainly banned.

Here’s the thing. My daughter isn’t a rec dancer but they did three numbers during a mostly rec recital. What this means is the audience is made up of folks who are not accustomed to the yelling-screaming-clapping-whistling that happens in a competitive dance environment. So when the three year old boy who adorably stood stick still with his hands in his pockets in the middle of tutus spinning like angels, I clapped and cheered and seriously he was the best part of the show.

Grandma sat on my left. The text exchange next morning went something like this:

Grandma: Good news! I can hear again.
Me (An appropriate response to your grandmother): You sh*t!
Grandma: I couldn’t help myself. LOL
Me: Darling daughter told me I don’t belong in a rec recital audience…ever. But my mother-daughter dance coach heard me cheer for her!
Grandma: Honey, Canada heard you.

Random Recreational Dancer Dad sat on my right. Grandma said every time I cheered he jumped. I had no idea; HOWEVER I did warn him when he sat down that I was gonna be loud. Most likely I cheered for his kid at some point. He should thank me.

Yep I’m obnoxious. Yep I’m proud. Yep I’m supporting the blood pressure medication sales this coming week. Yep I’m going to continue. I like to think I created the genuine smiles when daughter + team get on stage because they think I’m making a fool of myself. So be it.