Painted Kitchen Counter – One Year Later

Two words: Just don’t.

One year after I painted the most-used surface in the entire house I had already redone it completely and also started my attempts at patches. Don’t do it! Don’t believe Pinterest when they say it’s great. It’s  not. It’s vulnerable and picky and doesn’t like moisture and readily accepts stains.

For instance, this little gem is from me not quite getting the gin bottle to the top of the counter. Don’t judge.


These little spots are from cutting cheese with a fancy plastic cheese slicer.  It won’t cut anything else except the counter (we’re currently in the “use a cutting board!” training stage).


Over here by the coffee pot I attempted a patch. Pathetic. It looks like residue from used gum. It makes the counter look like the underside of a middle school desk.


And here: offspring #2 baked.


I wish when I saw the pins on how to do this there were followup pins that magically lit up my phone screen warning me not to do it. I wish someone had posted a comment saying “Can’t handle puddled water!” or “Don’t have kids in the house if you do this!” or “When she bakes you might end up eating paint!” or worse yet, scream, “Your husband was right!”

Bottom line is you should never paint your kitchen counters. It cannot handle anything.

It can’t even.