Dance Year Four, Day One

Here’s what I know about dance as I begin my fourth year of being on a mother-daughter dance team.

  1. Stretching is essential. Especially at your age.
  2. Jamming to “Look What you Made Me Do” prior to dance class is also essential. Boom! You walk in ready to go! You high-five Coach! You think you can do jumping jacks! You can’t!
  3. Your head will be close to your ankles more than ever before.
  4. Because of their proximity, you now know you need to spend more time shaving said ankles.
  5. Speaking of, ankles will be sore tomorrow. Possibly puffy.
  6. Just because you can’t dance doesn’t mean you shouldn’t.

I’m thrilled darling daughter still wants to do this with me. She gives me tips, tricks, do this, don’t do that, and a pleading ‘please don’t fart in dance class.’ I cannot guarantee a single thing. She knows this.

Tonight I did not fall down. I did not fart in class (I swear it wasn’t me). My spandex stayed on. I did a string of cartwheels across the dance floor with daughter and Coach even said she’d rather hear me grunt than question if I was still alive mid wheel. Oh yeah. I grunted awright. I did not step on anyone. There was minimal swearing. Yay me!

We walked out happy with our results. We got back in the car and instantly T-Swift started playing again. Daughter did this thing at the chorus with her arms going out, her back going in, to the beat, like a dancer. I got going and punched the steering wheel, narrowly missed my own head, and pulled something in my upper back.

Win some, lose some.