Quiet Chaos

It’s Friday evening after a hectic day at work. The whole week has been crazy. Hell, why stop at this week? This whole fall is nuts. But tonight in a brief instant of ass meets chair, I connect with twinkle lights and red ribbon and a tree in my living room. It was if those strings of yellow, red, green, blue lights were silently screaming at me to just stahp for a second. Stahhhhp!

It doesn’t matter that I wanted all-white on the tree. It doesn’t matter that the gourmet meal I planned was steak and what I made was frozen pizza. No matter the bathroom project I was supposed to continue tonight. Those damn lights said to stop.

So I stopped what I was doing. I stared at the tree. It’s so pretty. She had to put a Santa hat at the top. He always puts his train ornament at the very bottom, parked on a gift. I love how my ribbon worked this year…okay fine, it involved an argument with daughter during placement. But it looks good.

It’s a quiet millisecond.

Son says I have to listen to this video. It is funny. YouTube ‘Eye of the Tiger all in E.’ You’ll wet your pants, too. Daughter is upstairs tapping her feet incessantly (which are right above me at this point in the house) because she’s a dancer and those people don’t stop. There’s a fart joke. There’s a fart. Uncontrollable giggling at a new video. Uncooked pizza. What. A phone call. A sibling argument. Timer going off. Is that a house decoration bouncing down the hall?

I got a fraction of the bathroom project done. I had visitors with me by the tree with talking lights. All were interruptions- I MEAN -updates on their own moments of quiet chaos. Must. Be. Shared. With. The. Mom.

It’s okay. We got our moment, the tree and I.