Chronicles of The Bench, Part One

Listen up people. This is how DIY projects really go.

I decided to try something new with this project and write about it as it’s happening. Sort of like a play-by-play so you can suffer right beside me. Ready?

The end goal is to build a bench for our entry. Simple little thing, it being about five feet long and with a single purpose of stability for putting on shoes at the end of a visit. The inner structure is made of 2x4s and a basic plan exists. It should work.

Day one was a week ago. I cut all my pieces to size. I cut extra pieces ya know, because math isn’t my forté. I’m sure we’ll find some use elsewhere…and if not? Firepit!

Day two of this project was tonight.

I laid out all 2x4s to see what it could look like. I waited until darling husband came to verify I had placement correct before I dropped a 60 inch 2×4 on his bare foot (I’m really sorry babe).


It seems like it will be pretty sturdy and hold a few butts at a time right?
We’re taking this journey together. Say ‘right.’

Three screws in, the battery on my drill dies. I swear a little and find another drill. The wood glue bottle is plugged so I use my finger. Glue is everywhere.

When I’m done I realize the sucker isn’t level. The next step a real DIY project takes is something very similar to what I’ve just completed:

  1. Swear a lot
  2. drill a hole in my pant leg as I’m tripping on the thing
  3. clean the area
  4. walk away.

Day two ladies and gentlemen. One box that wobbles like it’s in a wave pool waiting for anyone else to come fix it.

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