Chronicles of the Bench, Part Two

Gettin’ there!

I had ‘help’ on this sunny outdoor work day. He tends to pose when treats are waved above my camera. His cuteness was the only service provided.

I built my own miniature metro with wooden skyscrapers.

Thinking I had everything square, straight, level, correct…

Then once it was moved into the house he showed me the many, many errors of my ways.

I got crabby then stopped for the day. This right here is exactly why DIY projects go the way they do and why they take as long as they do.

Today the entire thing was pulled apart and reassembled. It was great.

Every single place two pieces of wood were held together with screws had three times the number of holes.

After pocking the bench with what looks like bad acne we have it secured to the wall and ready for the next step for me to botch. Stay tuned.


More on the damn bench:

Step 1.5: Avoidance and a new homemade frame.

Step One: Injury


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