The Bench, Part 3

I’m a…measure twice, forget the number, measure again, lose the pencil, hold a tape measure with my finger in the right spot…then cut…kinda girl.

This leads me to getting a new board, starting over with the measuring and forgetting and measuring and assuming I was only 1/8 of an inch off…then cut.

Tonight I got to here. None of this is attached. It all has to be painted and when I do that I’ll forget to mark where each board fits the best. I still need to evenly space the vertical boards but my Monday night brain isn’t having it.

I haven’t dropped a board on myself tonight. I consider that a win-win.


More on this damn bench:

Step Two included building then rebuilding the bench. It was fun.

Step 1.5: Avoidance and a homemade frame.

Step One I only built a frame and injured people.

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