Painting Wood Doors – Some Tips from a Veteran Painter

Two years ago I started painting trim and doors on the main floor from builder’s grade oak baseboards and solid oak doors to white. It looks a-ma-zing. Such an easy update to this 1980s traditional two story house.

Thing is, I got side tracked by flooring, outdoor furniture, a patio, Life…that I didn’t continue it. Every time I sit on the couch I stare at this door and wish it was painted.

Without prepping I grabbed a brush and the primer and got moving.

See, here’s where the tips from a semi-professional come into play.

1. Prep the area first.

I painted everywhere but really close to the hinges and door jam before I got out clear tape and a knife. This isn’t working. It’s a miracle I found any tape at all because once a roll enters my house the kids decide 12 yards isn’t enough for their projects and it’s gone. Seriously…they are teens and I still can’t figure out why they use that much.

2. Use quality painter’s tape. The name brand and not store brand. Don’t use wrapping paper tape. You’ll finish your project and thirty minutes after you think you’re done you’ll find shreds on the back of your hand.

3. Clean the area. My primer includes cobwebs. What of it? If you come over and notice chunks in the top of this door frame I will spit.

4. Remove all hardware to properly prime and paint. Do this when a child is not in the basement on the other side of the door and trapped where there’s no food.

He survived without incident, BTW.

Here is the door all primed and happy.

What I’ve learned tonight is that primer spilled on flooring dries faster than a cussing streak but not as fast as on a dripping brush.

Have primer questions? Truth be told I used to work in the paint department at a big box store. I know things about paint. Do as I say not as I do.