Epic Cake Pop Fail


Have you ever heard science say “oil and water do not mix?” Stick with me…

We have a costume party tomorrow night and I’m supposed to come with Halloween-themed food.

I’m on Pinterest. Quite frequently, actually, mostly for inappropriate quotes that go for the snort. I kept seeing cake pop photos show in my feed so I went to the baking aisle and loaded up.

Picture it: it’s the night before the party and the cake hasn’t even been made yet. Not yet in panic mode, I whip up a cake from scratch. No problem! I’ll have these bad boys done by midnight!

Timer goes off, pull the cake out, let it sit a few minutes, and find exact directions on how the cake stays rolled. She says cake should be fully cooled so I think I’ll bypass that wait and stick it in the freezer.

Uh huh. The center is still liquid and it’s too late to shove it back in the oven. I cut around the goo and salvage what I think will be good enough for a few pops.

The foodie blogger says to use candy melts, which I did correctly. However. However. My dye is water based and the melts are oil based.

Science says oil and water don’t mix. Second strike against me. I say a silent swearing fit and decide the pops will be all be white damnit. Ghosts! I’ll make ghosts!

Then THEN she tells me once I smash, mix in frosting that I don’t have and roll into perfect balls, they have to chill overnight.

Overnight! No! I work all day and this party is not going to wait for me to decorate balls that probably won’t stick correctly because I have the wrong parts.

I am currently enjoying a second g+t. Things are about to get real ugly in my kitchen and we have friends coming for a nightcap. They’re gonna see the mayhem and better not say a single word. Not one. single. word.

There is only that one photo because this blog is happening mid-process. Expect nothing less from me.

What – you thought you found a baking blog? That’s on you.

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