This is Not a Cooking Blog

We have our last ever, this is it, final final IEP meeting on Tuesday. Tall Boy is a senior and I started this school year thinking I’d be crying at everything. I’ve done very well, only crying uncontrollably when I talked to his cross country coach when the season was done. I’m trying to absorb and intake and thoroughly enjoy all the moments. They are happening at a disgustingly rapid pace now and I’m starting to lose the self-control to not cry.

For instance, when the email came to schedule this IEP I cried. The reality of this being the last planning meeting and recap celebration of milestones and success stories hit me like a central Minnesota snowstorm. Wham

We’ve historically brought coffee and fruit to our meetings, since they happen before school starts. I decided since this is a celebration of the one and only Tall Boy and his successful trip to graduation, I’d make cupcakes.

And here we go.

From scratch, chocolate, gluten free (so he can eat one) , dairy free (so I can eat one), and really, really good. The recipe calls for a lot of cocoa – you know the powdery stuff that comes in a rectangle-ish container? The stuff that doesn’t wipe up well because it’s so fine? That stuff.

Instead of using a spoon to reach the cocoa I shoved the third cup measuring cup into that damn skinny container. Instead of going in the measuring cup it puffed straight up and formed a circle of evil around the container. Not only did I wipe out the entire counter, but we are now proud owners of a cocoa pear and a bunch of cocoa bananas.

Once I dumped the cocoa into the mixing bowl it kept its devil streak and wiped out the underside of the upper cupboards and the entire mixer stand. I also found some on my elbow.

What’s really great about my cooking abilities and my math skills is I thought to make sure I had a bit more than a dozen cupcakes for the potential ten teachers in the room I should double the batch. Hey guess what? One cake receipt makes 24 damn cupcakes! Because of my history of asking someone else to do maths, coupled with not doing this tonight, I have cupcakes coming out my ears. For a meeting of potentially ten people, I’ve got 47 cupcakes. Yes. 12 x 4 should be 48 but I also can’t make them evenly distributed and I don’t do math.

To make matters even more complicated, the package of cupcake cups I purposefully coordinated with the thank you card I handmade did not have enough for four rounds of cupcakes. Captain S thankfully got me more but they don’t match. At this point I’ve lost too many brain cells to this project to care anymore. I’ve taken this opportunity to numb my feelings and explore new expletives.

I am hitting the ‘publish’ button before I make the frosting. It involves powdered sugar AND more cocoa so read this post a second time and you’ll have an understanding of how that process went.