Spilled Milk

Husband is gone for the evening. Fridge, cupboards, and stomachs are empty. So I load the kids into the family truckster (minus the wood paneling but otherwise very close to Clark Griswald) and we head to the store (rhymes with barget). It's about the moment we reach for the cart that things go terribly wrong. … Continue reading Spilled Milk

Time Capsule

Offspring #1 has an end-of-year project that involves a considerable amount of work for mom. Offspring #1 has no interest in this type of thing - or anything that doesn't involve Legos, paper airplanes, Legos, or well frankly... Legos. Guess who gets to figure out what to fill a metal can with for some odd … Continue reading Time Capsule


Growing up my brother and I were taught the tips and tricks of competitiveness. After all, it was a major component of our genetics we should learn how to work with it instead of against it. Basically it worked. I couldn't be anywhere but on top.As I entered my thirties I realized that competitiveness had … Continue reading Competition

The Bully

My son was bullied after school one day this week. He walks to a neighbor's house after school and she saw it happen. So did another parent. The kid was confronted right away, scolded, and everyone went on their merry way. Both adults who saw it happen talked to Buddy to make sure he was … Continue reading The Bully