He's gone so I can clean out son's room. Here's what I've found in just two shelves: 3 AA batteries 13 paper airplanes A piece from a mini flashlight Legos Half a pen (little concerned) A broken yo-yo Dried-out Chapstick (shoulda done this a while ago) The outside cutout of a cardboard game piece from … Continue reading Cleaning

Momming Wins

I originally wrote this in 2010. All these point still ring true today. Why I love being a mom. A list. It helps me appreciate what my mom went through. I am beginning to understand genetics...(see above). Homemade Mother's Day gifts purposefully created in orange because that's my favorite color and my offspring know that. … Continue reading Momming Wins

Sew What.

As the final f-bomb leaves my mouth, husband calmly asks where my wine glass is. "I did this sober." "Maybe that's your problem." So. Sew. Mom took me shopping for my birthday and bought me the Singer "Simple" sewing machine. Bottom rung on the model pole, very basic, very cheap, and then on sale. She … Continue reading Sew What.

It was February

So. How'syourday? Wednesday afternoon, by me. 11:50 - leave work to go pick up medication prescribed but not picked up from previous trip to the doctor to deliver to asthmatic hacking at school. 12:07 - Blow tire on exit ramp close to home. 12:08 - Message to the trucker behind me honking and waving: "Yes. … Continue reading It was February

Spilled Milk

Husband is gone for the evening. Fridge, cupboards, and stomachs are empty. So I load the kids into the family truckster (minus the wood paneling but otherwise very close to Clark Griswald) and we head to the store (rhymes with barget). It's about the moment we reach for the cart that things go terribly wrong. … Continue reading Spilled Milk