DIY Entry Bench Start to Finish, 3 Injuries

Okay, fine readers, here it is - a pictorial sequence of our new front entry redo. Our DIY entry. Our big-time remove-the-eighties from the eighties house. This here is a compilation of numerous arguments, several rounds of paint, at least one bottle of gin, a fair amount of expletives, a huge ask of my family … Continue reading DIY Entry Bench Start to Finish, 3 Injuries


The Bench – A Completed Dream

The bench is finally complete and I'm in love! Following my previous posts on its process, the board and batten wall went very fast and without much drama. Here's a pictorial sequence of events: And the end result? Entryway bench perfection!

Quiet Chaos

It's Friday evening after a hectic day at work. The whole week has been crazy. Hell, why stop at this week? This whole fall is nuts. But tonight in a brief instant of ass meets chair, I connect with twinkle lights and red ribbon and a tree in my living room. It was if those … Continue reading Quiet Chaos